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All of our custom wood flooring & tiling is completed by Jeferson Verardi and his Master Craftsmen. Jeferson works closely with each client to ensure their vision comes to life.


The Verardi's are proud members and instructors for the National Wood Flooring Associaition. They take great pride in working to exceed their client's expectations.


Installation Process: Verardi Flooring chooses the highest quality FSC certified wood that has been harvested, cut, milled and climate controlled at all time.


All wood is carefully inspected and delivered 5 - 14 days prior to installation. Proper acclimation time is necessary for wood to adapt to the surrounding atmosphere Moisture readings of subfloor and wood are taken & recorded on delivery and prior to installation. Moisture readings must be 6-12% on instatllation day.


For all glue down installations we moisture test concrete to ensure readings are acceptable and meet all & adhesive manufactureres warranted guidelines.


We take great care and attention to every detail. We will have respect for your home and keep dust and disturbance to a bare minimum. At each days end we will leave your home and all the materials tidy. At all times you and your family will be safe from toxic chemicals because we do not use the inferior oil base polys.


Refinish Process: To refinish exitsting or newly installed hardwood floors we use the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System. Using this equipment provides a 98% DUST FREE refinishing process.


Preferred Finishes: Commercial grade Bona Kemi products are our preferred finishes. These stains, sealers & finishes are chosen for their beauty, remarkable durability, & performance. They provide little to no odor, a non-yellowing surface, low VOC content, and protect the health of clients, finishers & the environment. This process allows us to minimize the inconvience to our clients. ​​

“Je's work is incredible. It's like he takes a piece of his DNA and puts it into every square inch of his floor.”​

- Sherrie, Client



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