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Verardi Custom Wood, Stone & Decorative Flooring is family owned and operated.


Italian Heritage: The Verardi family developed their unique attention to detail and sought after craftsmanship in the Veneto region of Italy. For many generations the wood working and stone craft was passed to each new son.


How We Got started: Our founder Jeferson Veradi, brought his expertise to the USA in 1995 from Italy. He worked as a craftsman in New York until May 2000 and incorporated his own Custom Wood Floor & Stone company in 2002 in Massachusetts. Today he restores or hand crafts each new floor into a work of art for many clients throughout New England. Jeferson has been awarded expert degrees in both Specialty Installation & Custom Stain & Finish Techniques by the National Flooring Association. He is an Olde World Italian craftsman with remarkable attention to detail. *All our staff members are NWFA educated.


Working With Us: Our goal is to bring your vision to life! If you don't yet have your vision, we can assist you in achieving it. We are here to facilitate and streamline your entire process. Our knowledge and practice of NWFA installation & finish guidelines enables us to create the most beautiful & enduring floors in even the most challenging environments. Wood & stone are our passion and that shows in our finished product!

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